John Ackerman

Membership: Rotarian, Past President
Profession: Industrial Refrigeration

Max Ahmen

Membership: Rotarian
Profession: Legal

Carl Bayhack 

Membership: Past President, AG
Profession: Business Owner

Leanne Bayhack

Membership: Secretary

Profession: Clothing Designer

Interests: Animal Welfare and Ceramics

Marius Boraine

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Online Publisher

Interests: Fishing, Sports, Reading, Cinema

Alan Collins

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Screen Printing

Olivia Dachsberger

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Property Developer

Lizelle De Wet

Membership: Youth Services, Past President, AG

Profession: Chief Executive Officer – Non Profits or Cape Town Society for the Blind

Interests: Cooking, Travelling, Walking, Reading

Menno de Wet

Membership: Past President

Profession: Technical Textiles

Interests: Motor Racing, Bird Watching, Reading (History, Novels), Travel

Martin Drese

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Software Developer

Ivar Drew

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Past Service - Real Estate

Interests: Born-again Golfer, Theatre, Cinema, Reading, Walking on the beach, Family and Home

Anzelle du Plessis

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Social Welfare

Andre du Toit

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Radio Presenter

Interests:  Writing, Reading, Travelling

Mae Dutton

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Restauranteer

Golden Dzapasi

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Mobility Coach

Alice Finch

Membership: Interact Liaison

Profession: Residential Leasing

Ana Maria Florentino

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: IT Developer

Les Fouche

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Military

Jean Freeborough

Membership: Club Services, President Elect

Profession: Past Service - Administration

Tommy Freeborough

Membership: Treasurer, Immediate Past President

Profession: Past Service - Insurance

Malcolm Hendricks

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Hospitality, Learning and Development Specialist and Rugby Scout

Chantel James

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Restauranteer

Bruce Lewis

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Past Service - Geriatric Care

Lyn Manson

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Silk Flower Supplies

Dave Norman

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Construction (Project Management)

Interests: Fishing, Woodworking, Cycling and Hiking

Rex Omameh

Membership: Youth Services, Rotaract DRR

Profession: Marketing Manager

Interests: Cooking, Reading, Acting, playing Music, Walking on the beach & Fashion Designing.

Pam Scott

Membership: Rotarian
Profession: Automotive Industry

Chantel Sehnke

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Education

Interests: Soccer, Shopping, Spending quality time with my hubby, family and friends

Ron Sehnke

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Product Management

Fran Slabber

Membership: Interact Coordinator

Profession: Project Management

Pat Strydom

Membership: Rotarian

Profession: Marketing: Raw Materials

Peter Teuchert

Membership: Community Services & Vocational, Past President

Profession: Short Term Insurance

Interests: Diving, Cycling, Hiking, Fishing, Aviarist

Boris Vassilev

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Waste Water Engineering

Interests: Books on history and human evolution, Fine music, Movies, Sports (now only watching)

Helène Visser

Membership: Foundation, Past President

Profession: Residential Real Estate

Interests: Rotary, International travel, Photography, Dancing, Outdoors, People

Lynne Wade

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Graphic Designer

Interests: Buying books, Theatre, Movies, Ancient history, Buying more books

Richard Wade

Membership: President

Profession: Property Valuation

Interests: Amateur Drama, Hiking

Anton Wollheim

Membership: Rotarian, Past President

Profession: Past Service - Motor Vehicle Distribution